Saturday, June 09, 2012

Wish It Away

US government ignores archipelago of Japanese debris heading its way

"The United States is awaiting the arrival of a blot of debris three times its own size from Japan. But despite new objects washing up daily on the West Coast, Washington is hoping the problem will literally just disappear.

­Earlier this week, a 70-foot metal dock turned up on the Oregon shore. Japanese officials immediately identified its original home – the Japanese city of Misawa, which had been devastated by the tsunami in March 2011.

The dock is only the forerunner of a much more dangerous wave of flotsam, Chris Pallister, who heads Gulf of Alaska Keeper, a coastal clean-up organization, told AP.

"There are going to be a lot of drums full of chemicals that we won't be able to identify."

Tonight, Saturday June 9, John Wells is going to have a four hour program about Fukushima on Coast to Coast. It may well be the most important radio program ever broadcasted.


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