Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Report: Ex-trooper smelled of alcohol, had trouble standing

"HAVERHILL — Newly obtained police reports show former state trooper Charles Noyes smelled of alcohol, could not maintain his balance, and had no memory of slamming his Cadillac Escalade into a utility pole in West Newbury March 30 before driving into Haverhill with his air bags deployed.

But Haverhill police did not arrest the 62-year-old highly decorated trooper or charge him with drunken driving after his mangled luxury SUV was found in the travel lane on Amesbury Line Road within minutes of the West Newbury accident — and Haverhill officials are still refusing to say why.

"This investigation will be completed when I feel that we have done everything necessary to obtain all the relevant facts regarding this incident," Haverhill Public Safety Commissioner Alan DeNaro said in an e-mail to an Eagle-Tribune reporter yesterday. "We will not be rushed to accommodate your mandated time table."

"The pole, which was mounted on a cast iron base and sunk into the ground, was broken off cleanly and landed in the roadway approximately 50 feet west of its original position," Johnson wrote in his report.

Following a fresh line of "some sort of automotive fluid down Main Street" into Haverhill, the officers found a man in a white Escalade parked in the travel lane at the intersection of East Broadway and Amesbury Line Road, according to the police reports. Behind the wheel was Noyes, who retired in 2006 with the second-highest rank in the state police.

In his report, Cena said he detected a "strong odor of alcohol" on Noyes' breath and that Noyes had "extreme difficulty maintaining his balance." Cena said he asked Noyes why he didn't stop after the accident in West Newbury.

"The male (Noyes) replied that he didn't know that he had gotten into an accident despite the extensive front end damage of the vehicle," Cena wrote."

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