Wednesday, May 23, 2012

NRA Caves, Has Always Caved

And I sadly say this as a life member. At this point the NRA completely stinks.
Can you say "perpetual contribution whore"?
The 2nd amendment wasn't about collecting or duck hunting.
The 2nd amendment was about protecting ourselves from predatory government.

The NRA Views on Weaponry


Anonymous Nz said...

If American politics is responsible, I'd blame the influence of phony left-wingers propped up by the right-wing fascists. Not long ago I was pushed out of a forum by a couple of phony lefties who wouldn't even give me a chance to voice my own opinion about gun rights. It was then that i realized how the phony lefties exaggerate gun rights out of proportion with lies and scare all the pacifists into taking their side on the issue.

24/5/12 3:25 AM  

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