Sunday, April 01, 2012

Zio Propaganda Stumbles Badly

Israel not given airbase access for Iran strike: Azerbaijan

"Azerbaijan has angrily denied allegations by a US magazine that it has granted Israel access to its airbases to launch an attack on Iran or to return its fighter jets there after a strike.

"We have stated on numerous occasions and we reiterate that there will be no actions against Iran... from the territory of Azerbaijan," Azerbaijani Deputy Prime Minister Ali Hasanov told journalists in Baku.

A senior official at Azerbaijan's presidential administration added that such speculation was "aimed at damaging relations between Azerbaijan and Iran," AFP reported.

Foreign Policy , released on Wednesday, quoted four anonymous senior diplomats and military intelligence officers as saying that Washington has concluded Israel was recently granted access to airbases in Azerbaijan.

"The Israelis have bought an airfield, and the airfield is called Azerbaijan," one US official reportedly said.

Israel reportedly lacks in-air refueling capabilities for the 3,540-kilometer return flight from Israel for a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

"Access to such airfields is important for Israel, because it would mean that Israeli F-15I and F-16I fighter-bombers would not have to refuel mid-flight during a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, but could simply continue north and land in Azerbaijan," the article said.

The unnamed US officials said Israel would likely be permitted to land in Azeri bases after an attack and could use them to stage search and rescue operations into Iran.

The report added that the US intelligence and diplomatic officials believe that Israel has gained access to the airbases through a series of “quiet political and military understandings.”

"I doubt that there's actually anything in writing," a retired senior US diplomat who served in the region was quoted as saying.

"But I don't think there's any doubt - if Israeli jets want to land in Azerbaijan after an attack, they'd probably be allowed to do so."

The Azeri Defense Ministry, however, says these claims are untrue.

"This information is absurd and groundless," Defense Ministry Spokesman Teymur Abdullayev said."

This is what the unscrupulous zio bastards do, just say anything because they know their corrupt MSM allies will put it on page one, while denials and retractions will wind up on page 27 days later, after their bullshit is digested by the rubes. So we've gotten Gaddafi handing out rape pills and strafing his own countrymen, Ahmadinejad falsely boasting about that map wiping, Assad murdering his citizens, and a bordering nation with Iran willing to attack it's neighbor for no reason whatsoever. All to make you think a certain way. Yay Israel.

See A kind of a pattern here?


Anonymous greencrow said...


How can a tiny third world country like Azerbaijan say no to an airbase when big, so-called sovereign counries like the UK, Italy and, yes, Canada, are plastered with foreign airbases?


1/4/12 12:35 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Don't know gc. There are strange stirrings in the middle east, like a firm line is being drawn in the sand.
I'll say this - all indications point to complete failure and ugly defeat of the ziofascist forces if they go after Iran.
Azerbaijan, on Iran's border, apparently knows this, and wants no part in the propaganda lead up to conflagration.

2/4/12 7:28 PM  

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