Saturday, March 31, 2012

Guaranteed Fun Tonight On Coast

In 1988 I was flipping around the dial in bed up in the NW and happened on a station from Las Vegas called KDWN. There was this guy called Art Bell who was interviewing someone about secrets concerning UFOs and things that go bump in the night. I got hooked at the time, and eventually Art Bell's program got syndicated all over the country. It helps of course that AM stations benefit at night from what's known as the nighttime skip that boosts reception sometimes for thousands of miles. Where I currently am, I can switch between KFI out of Los Angeles, KKOB from Albuquerque to KOA emanating from Denver. Art Bell's gone, fortunately, because two much better hosts took over on the weekends - George Knapp and John Wells.

The guest on Coast to Coast tonight? John Lear, the same guy that I heard years ago, who I'm sure will be talking about things that are never touched by MSM. This guy's one of the really good ones, He won't disappoint.


Blogger Lesley Gunter said...

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31/3/12 8:56 PM  
Blogger Lesley Gunter said...

KKOB is no longer a coast station. They dumped it in favor of some horrible thing called "red eye radio."

31/3/12 8:57 PM  
Anonymous Lindsay Lohan said...

I "know" a guy who was a New Orleans police officer during Katrina. He claims to have been "abducted" by reptilians. He was actually used in an advisory position, re. crowd control etc, sort of, or something. He's been writing about it and posting the info on certain blogs but hasn't gone public with his real name.

Strange because I think he's credible.

My mind is open. Let me just see if my brain fell out yet.

1/4/12 7:05 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Wow Lesley, I didn't know that, which probably goes along with why that station is hardly picked up anymore over here in AZ. I can listen to Denver and LA with ease at night, but now Albuquerque, which used to be a strong signal, is barely there.
What happened to that station?
By the way, John Lear didn't disappoint.
I'm going to have to look that up Lindsay.

2/4/12 7:47 PM  

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