Sunday, April 08, 2012

Nazis In The News

On first day of Passover, vandals scrawl anti-Semitic message on Massachusetts couple's car
yes a caution - Faux

"A Massachusetts couple found an anti-Semitic message scratched into their car on the first day of the Jewish holiday of Passover, MyFoxBoston reports.

Melissa Brickley tells FOX 25 she couldn’t believe a call she received on Friday morning from her fiancé, Walker Hartz.

“My fiancé called me. He had driven to work and a co-worker got out of her car, went to him and said, ‘Is that your car out there?’ Someone had keyed it and he was angry,” says Brickley.

During the night a vandal etched a swastika into the back passenger side of Hartz’s car, as well as a hateful message on the front passenger side."

It's getting absolutely ridiculous how often and how stupid the pity ploys fly.
There are several things to remember when seeing these things. One is that the victimhood of WW2, however much you resonate with it, shall never be forgotten, at least how the victims tell it, and don't you goddamn forget it. Another thing is that MSM, especially FAUX, will get out their kneepads whenever Israel is concerned. Faux got taken to the woodshed when Gary Webb's "Dark Alliance" broke and they've been fawning lapdogs ever since.
Any small, supposedly anti semitic story will get big play in the MSM, especially with FAUX.
You are not allowed to forget forever victimhood.
Especially when bottle rockets explode in open fields and parking lots.

And also - when you see fresh Israeli victimhood and nazis in the news, cry for what the Palestinians are about to experience.


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