Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Whores Among Us Are Fascist Enablers, For A Handfull Of Dimes

You are willing to carry out a dawn raid and risk putting a couple slugs in that person, just because you accept the ‘intelligence’ of your superior officers. It’s just a job ~ you’ve SOLD OUT!

You sell, promote and distribute toxic lethal drugs and vaccines under the guise of health care, without first doing sufficient levels of research into what these drugs actually contain. But hey it pays the mortgage ~ you’ve SOLD OUT!

Your career is all about distributing threats to people because they are struggling to survive in this unfair and cruel system and you don’t bother to stop and think about what you are doing. After all why would you when you can easily pay your bills ~ you’ve SOLD OUT!

You work your way up through the educational system, abiding by the ridiculous standards of tutoring, working within the confounds of the seriously watered-down knowledge being disguised as education, yet you never question. Because it pays the bills ~ you’ve SOLD OUT!

Your alarm clock goes, you’ve got to go into the office and receive orders to visit a house to go and fleece people as a bailiff. People who have been struggling to pay their ‘unlawful’ council tax or debts. You know in your heart this is not right; stealing people’s possessions, even their families heritage. Yea a dirty job; but you know someone’s gotta do it ~ you’ve SOLD OUT!

You finally got your steady job, working at the airport; strip searching people, scanning people, inspecting their personal items and ensuring they conform like good little sheep going through their pens. You don’t feel entirely comfortable with what you’re doing, you know something’s not right about this role. But it is a steady job and it beats being out of work ~ you’ve SOLD OUT!

You don your black ninja outfit, fully protected physically and legally to go and batter, tazer, pepper spray, arrest and cage peace-loving conscious souls, all for the next months wages ~ you’ve SOLD OUT!

You’ve sold your soul, you’ve let yourself and everyone around you down. You are a failure. You are a traitor. Shame on you. How dare you.

You’ve SOLD OUT!


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