Saturday, March 24, 2012

Keeping The Wogs In Their Place

Only empire and it's minions can exercise high technology. Don't be surprised if all of a sudden the North Korean missile and it's supposed payload fails miserably.
And of course Iran's nuclear powered electrical generating capabilities are under threat of attack.
Oh so curiously, both Iran and North Korea are two of the holdouts rejecting Rothschild banking systems.

US warning over North Korea rocket flight path

"A US official says a North Korean rocket due to be launched next month may affect an area between Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

US Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell is reported to have asked the three countries to condemn the launch.

North Korea says the rocket will take a new southern trajectory instead of a previous route east over Japan.

Japan is readying anti-missile defences around the southern islands of Okinawa, which could be under the flight path.

North Korea says the rocket is intended to put a satellite in space, but the US and others say the launch is a cover for a long-range missile test - a potential delivery system for nuclear weapons.

The launch is expected to dominate a security summit on MondayLink in the South Korean capital Seoul, which will be attended by US President Barack Obama.

Australia's Sydney Morning Herald said Mr Campbell had briefed Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr on Friday on the rocket's southward trajectory.

"If the missile test proceeds as North Korea has indicated, our judgment is that it will impact in an area roughly between Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines," the paper quoted Mr Campbell as saying.

"We have never seen this trajectory before. We have weighed into each of these countries and asked them to make clear that such a test is provocative and this plan should be discontinued."


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