Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Obama Flag

Who Decided That It Was Okay To Replace The Stars On The American Flag With The Face Of Barack Obama?

"Democrat Party headquarters in Lake County, Florida has been flying an American flag with a face of Barack Obama on it. Yes, you read that correctly.

The "Obama flag" features a huge picture of the face of Barack Obama in the area where the stars are usually located. To many Americans today, the American flag may be "just a piece of cloth", but when I was young I was taught that one must never desecrate the American flag. The American flag is our highest national symbol. Millions of Americans have fought and died defending freedom and liberty under that banner. To see a photo of Barack Obama plastered on it is an absolute disgrace.

Sadly, there are lots of these flags floating around. In fact, you can buy them online for $12.95. Down in Florida, the chairwoman of the Lake County Democratic Party took down the "Obama flag" after a group of veterans protested, but she also said that she is not promising that she will not put it back up and that she is going to consult an attorney about all of this."

Talk about idiotic ideas.
Now I'm no extremist about the stars and bars symbology, coming from the Vietnam war protest generation when lots of clothes were made out of flags and it was burned on occasion. As a matter of fact to me disrespect has always been common from torching it to using it to peddle widgets to flying it wrong to Bush signing autographs on it and stepping all over it:

I'm not saying that pasting Obama's mug on flags is a fine thing to do but the worst you can exclaim about it is that it was a tasteless and unnecessarily stupid idea, akin to waving a red flag in front of a bull. People who go into apoplexy when they perceive a flag insult have got it all wrong. A flag is just a symbol used and abused in a thousand and one ways. The flag is an ideal that can never be stepped on or destroyed. Chill.
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