Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The New Domestic War On Dissidents Is Underway

FBI agent: Midwest militia group had 'kill' list - The list included current and former U.S. presidents, top government officials and members of Congress

"A Midwest militia group whose members are accused of plotting to murder police had a "kill list" that included current and former U.S. presidents, top government officials and members of Congress, an FBI agent testified Tuesday in a federal trial.

The list from members of the group called the Hutaree was titled "Established Elite Still in Control" and included military officers, reporters and corporate executives, FBI agent Steve Haug said in federal court in Detroit.

Haug, who had gained access to the group by posing as a truck driver, said the list was circulated during the wedding of Hutaree leader David Brian Stone Sr. to Tina Stone. Haug served as the best man at the wedding.

Charges of sedition
Seven members of the Hutaree, including Stone and his wife, face federal charges of sedition, the attempted use of weapons of mass destruction and firearms offenses.

Defense attorneys have argued the group was merely engaging in angry expressions of free speech and did not intend to commit acts of terrorism. No attacks were carried out.

Also facing trial are David Brian Stone Sr.'s sons, David Brian Stone Jr. and Joshua Matthew Stone; Michael David Meeks, Thomas William Piatek and Kristopher Sickles.

Prosecutors played a recording for jurors of a conversation at Stone's wedding in which Joshua John Clough, a Hutaree member who pleaded guilty in December to weapons charges, told Meeks it was "a whole complete kill list."

"Mike showed me a piece of paper, a list of names and groups," Haug said. "Michael gave me a copy of it."

Haug said his "date" for the wedding was a female FBI agent from another division. Prosecutors showed wedding photos of members posed in camouflage gear with AR-15 rifles, a civilian version of the military M-16 assault rifle.

At the wedding, David Stone Sr. told Hutaree members they needed to practice loading and unloading a van and establish a base camp where they could patrol the perimeter.

The trial is the latest in prosecutions aimed at what the government sees as a growing threat of violence from home-grown anti-government groups. In early February, the FBI warned that such groups posed an increasing threat to law enforcement.

The deadliest act of home-grown violence, the 1995 bombing of a government building in Oklahoma City, killed 168 people and injured hundreds. It was the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil before the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington."

That"deadliest act of home-grown violence" was a successful effort by the federal government to chop a growing militia movement off at the knees. Fascists have no compunctions about slaughter to make political points, and that bombing in Oklahoma City was carried out by the feds to smear people dissatisfied with the way society was collapsing into totalitarianism. The murderous ploy worked back then because the fascist agenda hadn't yet gone balls to the wall after 9/11/01.
Militias were discredited and excoriated by corrupt, execrable MSM.

The fascists are attempting the same thing now, almost 20 years later, because they know very well too many people are waking up to the fact our posturing overlords will soon collapse the economy and plunge the world into yet another genocidal war. It's absolutely vital to them to taint any objection about this in the most dramatic fashion. Militias are being targeted again. Expect new false flag bloodshed to justify war abroad and fascist repression domestically.

My guess? Our decayed, collapsing infrastructure will be blamed on supposed homegrown terrorists, just like the twin towers' asbestos problem was solved by Afghan cave dwellers.


Blogger Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

I like how atheists defend the polo-tical, knock'n the ball down the court, yet, it's above their heads on how to become RITE with God. Because their ignorant on how to rise above the whorizontal and one-outta-one shall croak sometime, somewhere soon, God has set-up this magnificent feature on the Way either Upstairs or downtown: the Warning. Everyone, me, too, living on this planet will see and feel the Warning lasting about 20ish minutes, showing U.S. a gorgeous picture of Heaven, Purgatory (depending whether our sins demand a greater punishment before being allowed into the Great Beyond), and dagnasty Hell. Remember, God doesn’t condemn; we condemn ourselves by our sinful lifestyles of unbelief. The Warning’s just a wake-up call. Don’t believe me? Guhroovy. You will soon. God bless you with discernment.

14/3/12 7:22 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

It's an absolute hoot how true the old adage is KKfsd - it's less accurate to say god created man in his image than to say man created god in his image.

14/3/12 8:26 AM  

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