Saturday, March 17, 2012

5 Reasons Why American Riots Will Be The Worst In The World

While I agree with the basic premise of this video I feel a couple of things were left out.

A major factor contributing to a Road Warrior environment after monetary collapse (and oh it is coming because all the inbred overlords know what to do at this point is to furiously print dollars and lie) will be the current positively unreal disparity of wealth distribution. Sure, the ultra megarich will be bunkered or islanded with private security and comfort, but the millions of former enabling wannabees who sold their souls for handfuls of dimes will be thrown to the wolves of desperation without a moment's thought. And I do agree with the maker of the video above that a grandiose vision of an all powerful centralized control system is stupid beyond comprehension. Nobody is going to ride to the rescue of the well off stooges and lackeys who helped precipitate economic disaster. It's going to get local, and it's going to get starkly real, when a hundred million families are without food. The carnage will be horrific.

Another contributing aspect of our current situation that will make the violent troubles to come far worse - current complacency. American society has been acculturated to pretend everything that's going on will last forever so that hardly anyone is ready for abrupt change. Few are prepared for any privation.
The ugliness will intensify immensely fast. It's the Kali Yuga after all.


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