Friday, January 06, 2012

When Indefinite Detention Comes Knocking

Before all "subversive" blogs like this one are permanently removed and all we have left are celebrity screeds and sports fan diaries, I want to share what I know about what one might do if the front door gets smashed open. Who knows, it might be hungry hordes when the collapse happens, or it might be misguided gendarmes who have the wrong address. It'll be fast and furious and it's best to be prepared.

Vikings had an admonition that went something like "Have your sword nearby, even in the fields".
For something like 25 years I've packed heat whenever I've left home and am never without a firearm within arm's reach, even as I type this. But like having the correct tool for the job, you can't just have a screwdriver in the toolbox, you have to be capable of taking care of business if your home is invaded by uninvited guests. I hope this helps.

Most gremlins and ninjas wear type 2 "bullet proof vests" or body armor that's capable of stopping common smaller caliber handgun ammunition. That means .22 caliber, .380, 9mm, .25, 32, .38 on up to .357 magnum foot/pounds of energy, including shotgun blasts. The vast majority of perceived threats during a violent home invasion. Of course a rifle will work wonders but getting to a rifle on short notice and putting it to work is an iffy proposition when seconds count. Having a potent handgun that will toss a projectile that will defeat a type 2 vest is my main concern here. What you want is to drop intruders, not just give them sore ribs.

Normal antipersonnel ammunition is usually hollow point.
(sorry for the shitty pictures)

9mm and .40 S&W

This won't do against vests. This type of ammo's purpose is to instantly expand and drop their energy into the intended target so body armor will stop them; penetration is what you want here. There's basically two types of ammo that will put the fear of rightful retaliation in jackbooters' stomachs. Hard cast lead and small, fast bullets.
Hard cast lead cartridges are usually used to hunt tough skinned, dangerous game like hogs. The bullets don't deform like softer lead and basically plow through whatever medium they encounter, so one can readily understand that one's insides will be on the outside even when shot wearing a vest. Higher power cast lead will drill all the way through an elk stem to stern. This ammunition is widely available in revolver calibers.

320 grain .44 magnum bruiser and 200 grain .357

I used to live next to a cop some years ago. We were friends and went shooting together, sometimes in the basement of the cop shop downtown. He confided to me that the cops' worst fear was the .22 magnum. Not because it was such a powerful cartridge but smaller caliber, speedier bullets will defeat the usual vests they wear and .22 magnum is quite common and available. The Mrs chose that caliber for her handgun and has an 8 shot Taurus with laser sights and she also likes to shoot her Henry Golden Boy lever action rifle. "Bullet proof vests" are designed to absorb the energy of larger projectiles and speedier small pieces of lead can get right through them and perform their desired function.

My favorite handgun caliber is an oddball by american standards - the 7.62 x 25 Tokarev.
It was used in Soviet block countries from the 30s to the 60s. People wear thick clothing there and this cartridge was designed for penetration first and foremost right from the go get. I call it my .30 magnum and is right by my side at all times because it laughs at body armor and sneers at kevlar.

I'm not just waving my penis when I say at the first hint of front door commotion I will put my CZ 52 into action within 1 second to get to my AK with "special" capabilities. This isn't something that I relish or look forward to. At all. It's time to understand that the right to live our lives the way we want to without confrontation with manipulating shitbag thugs has come to an end. But since the fascists declared war on the american people it's something I think about all the time and something that I'm preparing for if the time comes, and also something the jackboots better think about too.


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