Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Sayonara Japanese

Japan's population contracts at fastest rate since at least 1947

"The population shrank by 204,000 in 2011 to a total of 126.24 million, according to the health ministry, the sharpest decline since comparable figures were first compiled in 1947.

Of the total, nearly 20,000 were victims of the magnitude-9 earthquake and tsunami that struck the north-east of Japan 10 months ago. According to the most recent figures, 15,844 people have been confirmed as dead in the disaster, with 3,451 still listed as missing.

The total number of deaths throughout the year came to 1,261,000 million, up by 64,000 on 2010, while the number of children born came to 1,057,000, a decline of 14,000 on the previous year.

The ministry data revealed that the largest single cause of death was cancer, accounting for 358,000, followed by 198,000 attributed to heart disease and 126,000 from strokes.

A separate report by the ministry of internal affairs said a mere 1.2 million Japanese were 20 on New Year's Day, less than half the figure in the peak year of 1970."

The overlords are targeting all societies that have a definitive sense of self to implement the New World Order of oppression. Why do you think Serbia was unjustly bombed in 2009? Why would you think the southern border of the US has been left wide open to allow tens of millions of Mexicans? Their favorable result is to erase all borders to allow rapacious capitalism to suck and pillage.


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