Monday, January 02, 2012

MSM Desperation To Derail Paul In Iowa

The state's caucus means nothing in the long run, but is enormously important in influencing people's initial opinions. The Ron Paul candidacy is the biggest political threat ever to established, entrenched power and opposition to him has been a casebook study of Ghandi's cogent observation: first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you, then you win.
But corrupted news media has tried oh so very hard in claiming that one repug candidate after another is surging ahead and could surprise everyone. It's like throwing plates of spaghetti against the wall one after another and seeing if it sticks.
And the latest deperate pile of crap? Ta Da:

Santorum sends Iowa caucus rivals scrambling

"Santorum, a second-tier candidate until a jump in the polls last week, claimed the momentum as he and the other Republican candidates barnstormed across Iowa making final arguments and trying to bolster turnout ahead of Tuesday's Iowa caucuses."

Earlier grotesque bullshit tests they hoped you'd swallow:

Poll: Bachmann surges

Herman Cain Surges In The Polls

Perry Surges in Polls

Newt Gingrich Surges in New Polls

Mitt Romney surges in national poll

It's all marketing, the same crap wrapped in different packages dangled in front of John and Jane Q. Public, to see who gets to keep entrenched power rolling on down the line.Every one of their tired products failed to interest an enraged public that's oh so close to grabbing ropes and looking for the nearest lamp post. Growing support for Ron Paul is the only constant here, which is why the repugs are going to count the Iowa ballots in a secret, undisclosed location, just in case.


Anonymous mattyhill said...

John Huntsman, in a landslide! Doesn't matter who wins. After the win, whomever it is,they get visited by men in funny suits, who takes the winner into a back room and shows them a never before seen (in public) movie of the JFK assassination taken from a different angle of the Zapruder movie, clearly showing 3 shooters. They remind them, this too will happen to you, if you stray too far from the narrative.

3/1/12 8:03 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

So, so sickeningly true.
I would bet the farm that Paul is robbed tomorrow, and if he actually is so far ahead that the theft will be too gross and obvious, they will kill him and be done with it all.

3/1/12 8:19 AM  
Anonymous greencrow said...

The only problem with a "final solution" to Ron Paul is that it would make Rand Paul a hero....and double the ante. looks like us "truthers" finally have the moment of truth we've been waiting for all these long, terrible years since 9/11...the moment when the evildoers have to crawl out from under the rug and declare that we are all in a defacto tyranny and that we will all darn well have the rulers they pick for us!


3/1/12 2:48 PM  

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