Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Slow Dribble Of Truth From Our Overlords

Life possible on 'large parts' of Mars

"Australian scientists who modelled conditions on Mars to examine how much of the red planet was habitable said on Monday that "large regions" could sustain terrestrial life.

Charley Lineweaver's team, from the Australian National University, compared models of temperature and
pressure conditions on Earth with those on Mars to estimate how much of the distant planet was liveable for Earth-like organisms.

While just 1% of Earth's volume -- from core to upper atmosphere -- was occupied by life, Linewaver said their world-first modelling showed three percent of Mars was habitable, though most of it was underground.

"What we tried to do, simply, was take almost all of the information we could and put it together and say 'is the big picture consistent with there being life on Mars?'," the astrobiologist told AFP.

"And the simple answer is yes... There are large regions of Mars that are compatible with terrestrial life."

non underground life

more non underground life

yet more


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