Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust On Proposed Chinese Turf

U.S. Drone Crashes in Seychelles, Air Force Investigating

"A U.S. drone has crashed in the island nation of Seychelles, an incident that comes just over a week after a U.S. drone went down in Iran.

The U.S. Air Force confirmed that the unarmed MQ-9 drone crash-landed at the Seychelles International Airport Tuesday morning.

"The cause of the incident is unknown and currently under investigation," the Air Force said in a statement.

According to the Air Force, the Seychelles government was "immediately notified," and the U.S. military is coordinating with Seychelles officials to coordinate "the removal of debris."

The drone that went down more than a week ago in Iran remains in Iranian hands. An Iranian military official said over the weekend that the country will not return the aircraft, as it considers the drone's presence a "hostile act." Iran's defense minister has called on the United States to apologize for the incident."

Very interesting considering the following:

China announces Indian Ocean naval base in Seychelles

Counterfeit Computer Chips from China Compromised U.S. Military Equipment

Trojan Chips Could Cripple US Attack On Iran

"Have Chinese-manufactured "designed-to-fail" microchips set up the United States naval, air and ground units in the Persian Gulf for a disastrous defeat in Bush's looming showdown with Iran? Has a Wal-Mart mentality, and corporate sleight-of-hand fatally undermined the U.S. war machine with microscopic flaws?"

Manchurian Chips (4/09)

"Termed the "call home technology, not only could the trojan horse chips snoop data, but could be flipped at any time by China’s military intelligence services."


Anonymous mattyhill said...

I love karma, it's always fair.

13/12/11 5:28 PM  

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