Thursday, December 08, 2011

Record Numbers Of Americans Abandoning Stricken Ship

Americans leaving US in record numbers

"Ever dream of leaving it all behind and heading out of America? You’re not the only one. A new study shows that more US citizens than ever before are living outside of the country.

According to statistics from the US State Department, around 6.4 million Americans are either working or studying overseas, which Gallup says is the largest number ever for such statistic.

The polling organization came across the number after conducting surveys in 135 outside nations and the information behind the numbers reveal that this isn’t exactly a longtime coming either — numbers have skyrocketed only in recent years. In the 24 months before polling began, the number of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 living abroad managed to surge from barely 1 percent to over 5.1 percent. For those under the age span wishing to move overseas, the percentage has jumped in the same amount of time from 15 percent to 40.

While the United States of America was at one point (and largely still is) a magnet for foreigners in search of work, the statistics makes it clear that an opposite trend is quickly picking up steam."

The vast majority of those "foreigners in search of work" are Latinos flooding across the border.
This article is solely concerned about the economics of it all and doesn't even mention that a large reason to flee this country is the fear of fascism.
When my wife and I retired I gave real consideration to relocating to Costa Rica. There are a lot of reasons to pick that country if one wants to leave and there's a large expat community there.
The main thing that dissuaded us was that we had lived in the Pacific Northwest for decades and were absolutely done with low elevations and rainy seasons. Taking our chances with the authoritarian bus plunge here we instead retired to the high desert of the Great Southwest.


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