Saturday, November 26, 2011

Slow Day At The Beeb

News flash - don't believe everything you see on the internets.

Fake forum comments are 'eroding' trust in the web

"Trust in information on the web is being damaged by the huge numbers of people paid by companies to post comments online, say researchers.

Fake posters can "poison" debate and make people unsure about who they can trust, the study suggests.

Some firms have created tens of thousands of fake accounts to flood chat forums and skew debate.

The researchers say there are reliable ways to spot fakes and urge websites to do more to police users.

The researchers from Canada and China say paying people to post comments is an "interesting strategy in business marketing" but it is not a benign activity.

"Paid posters may create a significant negative effect on the online communities, since the information from paid posters is usually not trustworthy," they wrote."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the BBC, what a joke, talk about pot calling kettle black, they been shilling for the Warmachine and the 911 perps for over ten years, disgusting hypocrisy...

27/11/11 9:52 AM  
Anonymous greencrow said...

...and the megaphonies (as they're usually called) are almost always "the usual suspects".


27/11/11 11:00 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

What gets me is that we're seeing, all of a sudden, a slew of "don't trust the internet" type stories, as if the overlords are about to clamp down ~ for our own good~ doncha know.

27/11/11 12:26 PM  
Anonymous Earl and Billy's ma, Shirlene said...

I don't pay them boys nothing. I hope they ain't been botherin' ya none.

27/11/11 5:31 PM  
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