Sunday, November 13, 2011

Out Of The Frying Pan

The Killshot

I sent away for this video, touted by Ed Dames on Coast to Coast.It was free except for a couple of bucks handling charge.
Dames claims to be a big wig remote viewer from the CIA's special ops programs in the 60s and 70s. There actually was a clandestine remote viewing operation that publicly was cancelled in the mid 90s - I coincidently saw a Nightline segment on it's cancellation, very strange considering I've hardly ever watched television for decades. There was a movie about remote viewers that came out in 2009 called The Men Who Stared At Goats.

This guy was first on C2C with Art Bell in 1996 I believe and has been back on the overnight program a bunch of times. He was always fun to listen to because over the years he''s been a Harold Camping on acid, predicting any number of catastrophes that never came true. I think the reason why he was constantly being asked to be back on the show was because he was so adamant even when he was wrong time after time. He supposedly is called "Doctor Doom" and people love to get scared.

Dames has always been a self promoting blowhard and any number of other remote viewers dismiss his claims of importance to the CIA's clandestine operations. There's one thing about his predictions though that he's stood by all these years - that the sun will eventually go bonkers and fry the earth with radiation from solar flares, causing problems of unprecedented magnitude. He mentioned this right from the go get and hasn't changed his tune. The interesting thing about this is that he started touting it back before anybody knew that the sun's solar cycle was about to go batshit crazy. I consider it a very real possibility that total reliance on our extremely tenuous electronic grids will eventually blow up in our faces sending us back to horse and buggy days, as claimed in the video above. I'll see if I can upload the thing and post it here since Dames wanted it spread far and wide.
Even busted clocks are right twice a day.


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