Friday, November 11, 2011

Local Feed Store Features Chemtrails In It's Online Picture

With the familiar crosshatch no less.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! The extremists who run this country have been soaking the SF Bay Area atmosphere with heavy industrial chemicals and pesticides to lower the immunity of the OWS Oakland/SF protestors and to help change the weather. They really overdid it on Nov 2nd, the day of the general strike in Oakland and the next morning, Thursday, Nov 3rd, temperatures dropped nearly 20 degrees and I woke up with congested sinuses, itchy eyes even though I had stayed inside most of the day on Nov 2nd in SF and never dared to join the fearless and the brave over in the OWS Oakland and SF protests.

And it started raining on Nov 3rd, what a coincidence! If they don't want to risk bad press by continued crackdowns on OWS protestors and encampments, the next strategy is to get them to become as sick as possible by dumping as much toxic chemicals, pesticides, bio-virus debris and make the weather as miserable as possible.

So everyone in the SF Bay Area suffers, it's sort of something the Nazis would have done, make the entire 5 million suffer because of a few hundred peaceful protestors who had the guts to stand up and verbalize all that is wrong with the current state of affairs.

11/11/11 10:03 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Interesting anon. Yup, the current fascists have learned not to goosestep down Main Street but to act like totalitarians behind the scenes nonetheless.
Keep smiling Obama, you mind controlled bankster tool.

12/11/11 12:11 PM  

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