Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Brave New World Of Snitches And Surveillance

More on the fascists' push for a Stasi-like society

"The tech industry giants continue to dutifully "lead the way" into a suffocating surveillance state in collusion with the nasty likes of the NSA, FBI, CIA, TSA and the name a "phew". (Almost ran out of letters. Notice they're almost always 3?...hmmm. The Masons wouldn't have anything to do with all this, would they?)

This time a "non-profit group Parking Mobility, created by George Soros-funded organizations, created the Android, Blackberry and iPhone parking ticket app which encourages cities to adopt the program because they can "generate revenue." As if our well-being was the purpose for this indoctrination into self-policing. I mean, c'mon.

Deputizing Citizens As Parking Meter Snitches? There's An App For That

A New Run At An Old Plan and its Nasty Effects

Since a big run at installing a ramped up snitch program last year, they seem to have since concentrated on spyware technology due to the blow back they got. But this clever re-introduction via the "handicapped" in an attempt to get it into every city under the guise of an income generator is pretty damn devious.

However it is taking its toll on the innocent. If you follow the news you'll examples continually of people using the
The Snitch Rollout

If you remember, last December we had a major snitch program roll-out. Walmart started running the DHS "If you see something say something" campaign which continues to leak into the social fabric, YouTube installed a Terror Alert Tag, and then Apple of course joined in as the first to publish this Nazi throwback Patriot App--just as patriotic as its predecessor, the freedom-extinguishing Patriot Act.

This was all on the heels of the first WikiLeaks uproar. Hmm. Funny how they had these programs ready to roll out. Wonder what they'll use for the next crank up? Watch for it.

This Should Be Fun...Not

With these types of self-policing surveillance tools now anyone and everyone can "become someone" and "make a difference protecting our nation's security."


As these programs continue to escalate they're eventually going to trigger a firestorm of fear and confusion, all part of the plan. Just imagine how much havoc can be wreaked with false information and random accusations--for which snitchers will be praised for being "great Americans". With as much TV as most Americans watch, they're gonna want to be armchair Jack Bauers or CSI agents.

The channel is now wide open. Wanna get back at your boss? Your ex? Your kids' teachers? Students who don't like their teachers? Teachers who don't like their students? Wanna get back at Mom and Dad? How about that long haired protester you keep seeing at the grocery store? Or let's look around the Internet for views I don't like or agree with. "It's payback time for you weirdos! Extremists! Right wing nut job! Left wing wacko! Centrist compromiser! Social deviant! Dirty Occupier" etc. etc.

It's all fair game in a self-policing police state. And they're itching to see the snitching fully in place. Remember their motto, "Ordo Ab Chao". Set confusion afoot and you get your dirty work done in the shadows while they call on you for help to finish it off."


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