Saturday, September 10, 2011

They Keep Shoveling The Bullshit

Bush's 9/11 pilot: We were told we were target

"(CBS News)

"You've been trained for every kind of attack scenario, but this was completely different - (an) attack from within."

With those words, (Ret.) Col Mark Tillman summed up the tension in the cockpit of Air Force One as he captained the crew flying then-President George W. Bush around the country on September 11th.

He gave "Early Show on Saturday Morning" co-anchors Russ Mitchell and Rebecca Jarvis a firsthand account of what went on.

Special coverage: 9/11: Ten Years Later

"(We had) no idea what was actually about to occur," Tillman, who was pilot of Air Force One from 2001-2009, recalled. "We just knew that we were sitting on the ground in Sarasota (Fla., as Mr. Bush was reading children's books with students in an elementary school), so were highly vulnerable. So, it was time to either move the plane or start figuring out exactly how we could make a sequence of events to protect the president with the aircraft."

Tillman continued, "As he came bounding up the stairs, he was a man of business the whole time. He had all the information, and we hooked him up on the plane with all the communications he needed to talk with the first responders, national leaders, etc.

"From the moment he got on the plane, (his) plan was to get back to Washington, D.C. (But) none of the plans we had said ever take you back into battle, that kind of stuff. So we kept working it with the staff. However, my job is to do exactly what he says so that's what I did, took the plane off and headed back."

But Air Force One first went to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, then Strategic Air Command headquarters in Omaha."

This is so obviously a ruse to counter the damning evidence that the secret service allowed Bush to sit at that elementary school after the 9/11 lollapalooza started, because they knew he wasn't a target. If it was a credible attack, which is of course what the fascists proclaim, he would have been whisked out of there toot sweet. His itinerary was known for days and anybody of ill will would have easily gotten to him, but the SS let him remain at the school, contrary to all official protocol.
So now the official story has it that air force one was targeted and they were all afraid to get blown out of the sky. Even though it was supposedly hijacked planes that day.
They take us for fucking dopes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

but interesting to listen to what tarpley says about this and the dead threats.
i recommend that you listen to it

10/9/11 10:15 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Thanx Mario, I will.

10/9/11 1:27 PM  
Blogger michael tew said...

Tarpley is backing himself into a corner with this "angel is next" crappola. He made a big deal of it in "Synthetic Terror" and rather than admit he was mistaken, he keeps digging himself deeper. When Bonnie Faulkner asked him what is your source he ignored the question. That's because the only source for AF1 being a target is Dick the shit Cheney.

10/9/11 3:23 PM  

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