Friday, September 09, 2011

1/3 Of Americans Get Real

33 Percent of Americans Raised Middle Class Move Downward as Adults

"The report doesn’t mention people who were raised in middle class households and consciously, voluntarily moved downward. *wink*

My family of four is severely poor, according to the definitions in the report (and by New Zealand definitions), but we’re far better off than some people we know who are making several multiples of what we make each year.

It’s interesting how the report paints the picture of a low income lifestyle as something that happens to people because of unfortunate choices and circumstances. After all, it’s unthinkable that people would consciously choose to live debt free, stay home with their children, own their property and vehicles outright and legally avoid income tax rape by the vampire state…

Via: NPR:

The idea that children will grow up to be better off than their parents is a central component of the American Dream, and sustains American optimism. However, Downward Mobility from the Middle Class: Waking up from the American Dream finds that a middle-class upbringing does not guarantee the same status over the course of a lifetime."


Anonymous Nz said...

I was raised in a lower middle-class family and went down after high school because my college course didn't give me the math I needed for the science field i chose to work in and I fell into hard manual labor and got stuck there taking all the minimum wage jobs nobody else wanted (except illegal immigrants).

As a result of so many things going wrong, I have been stuck below the poverty line and the status quo all my miserable life and I'm finding out now just how difficult it is for poor Americans over 40 to survive, but I'm seriously counting on my recent work with 3d animation to keep me from retiring to a much worse homeless position under a bridge.

Productivity is essential in the modern world. If a poor American doesn't make continual contributions to society by doing good practical work, they get treated like a bum by those lucky ones who meet the status quo
and the state treats them as inferiors. The older an American is the worse it gets.

Being a liberal artist while being poor in America is much worse than it used to be.

10/9/11 7:18 AM  
Anonymous Nina said...

i don't answer questions from family (or anyone else for that matter) about my $$ situation. such people refuse to fully embrace the truth that back in merry 'ole 1960 you could work a minimum wage job and own a home. either that or they just don't give a shit because they profited off the system when it worked for the majority (they included) and they're sittin' ok.

i grew up middle class - upper middle class. went to college. did what i was told to do despite hating it along the way. where did it get me? hassle from the outside system because i didn't have the "right" degree. either that or the piece of paper overqualified me. heard those 2 bullshit lines ever since. i've finally blossomed into a woman who doesn't give a hoot about what my bank account says - in terms of my value and worth. i know i'm every bit as deserving of the "american dream" (which was always meant as a propaganda myth) as is everyone who has lived it.

11/9/11 8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think America must not have any poor in it as she is counted the world most powerful economical country. But now i realize that the economy is not for all people but rather for a class of people who works in politics.

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26/9/11 2:35 AM  

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