Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Most Dangerous Week For World Peace Since The Cuban Missile Crisis

U.S. Scrambles to Avert Palestinian Vote at U.N.

"WASHINGTON — The United States is facing increasing pressure as the Palestinian quest for statehood gained support from Turkey and other countries, even as the Obama administration sought an 11th-hour compromise that would avoid a confrontation at the United Nations next week.
With only days to go before world leaders gather in New York, the maneuvering became an exercise in brinkmanship as the administration wrestles with roiling tensions in the region, including a sharp deterioration of relations between three of its closest allies in the region: Egypt, Israel and Turkey."

Saudi Arabia warns off US on Palestinian veto

"A FORMER head of Saudi Arabian intelligence and ex-ambassador to Washington, Turki al-Faisal, has warned that an American veto of Palestinian membership of the United Nations would end the ''special relationship'' between the two countries, and make the US ''toxic'' in the Arab world.

The warning comes as Washington is scrambling to avoid a scenario where it alone casts a veto in the UN Security Council against the Palestinian bid for recognition of statehood, which is expected to be formally requested next week."

Israel circles wagons ahead of Palestinian vote

It doesn't matter what the ziofascist apologists natter away about, and they are legion in MSM, a successful Palestinian bid for statehood would change the equation drastically for Israel. They'd be required under international law for the first time to withdraw completely from what will be a Palestinian country or suffer international pariah status as an illegal occupier. It's been obvious for decades of course, but it would receive official status, meaning alliances will end and sanctions and boycotts will begin. Which is why the Obama administration toadies are doing all they can to stall any UN vote to protect their Israeli masters. The important thing to remember is that the ziofascist psychopaths are willing to do anything to have their way, including instigating WW3, knowing Uncle Sap will ride to their rescue if ordered to do so.

The Execrable New York Times: Railing Against Palestinian Statehood



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