Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Contemporary Cop Mentality

Mom Says Much-Reprimanded School Cop Killed Her Son

"SAN ANTONIO (CN) - A 14-year-old boy got into a fight at a school bus stop and the school district's police officer responded by shooting him to death, the boy's mother says. She says the cop had been reprimanded 16 times in the previous 4 years, suspended without pay 5 times, and "recommended for termination for insubordination," but the school kept him on the force "without remedial training."
Denys Lopez Moreno sued the Northside Independent School District, of San Antonio, the district's Chief of Police John Page and the alleged shooter, Daniel Alvarado, in Federal Court.
Lopez says her son, Derek, got into a fight with another boy at a school bus stop and punched the other boy once, in November 2010.
"Defendant, Alvarado, having responded to a call regarding a bus with a flat tire, witnessed Derek strike the other boy. He ordered Derek to 'freeze.' Derek hesitated and then ran from defendant Alvarado," according to the complaint.
"In his patrol car, Alvarado began chasing Derek in the neighborhood across the street from the high school. Alvarado lost sight of the boy in the neighborhood and returned to the location of the school boy fight. At that time, he called dispatch. Dispatch recordings reflect that his supervisor directed Alvarado to stay with the other boy and to 'not do any big search over there.'
"Ignoring his supervisor's orders to 'stay with the victim and get the information from him,' Alvarado placed the second boy into the patrol car and sped into the neighborhood to search for Derek."
Lopez says her son jumped over a fence and hid in a shed in the back yard of a house. The homeowner saw him, called 911, and alerted a neighbor, who pointed Alvarado in Derek's direction. Lopez says her son never left the shed, never approached the house or threatened the homeowner or her daughters, and posed no threat to anyone.
Nonetheless, she says: "In violation of NISD police department procedures, Alvarado drew his weapon immediately after exiting the patrol car. With his gun drawn, he rushed through the gate and into the back yard. Within seconds from arriving at the residence, Alvarado shot and killed the unarmed boy hiding in the shed."


Anonymous Anonymous said...


This type of "cop" will continue to work the streets in our communities until the "training" and "applicant" choice selection process is changed. The process to select a cop and train them has remained the same for years. They create a monster in the "police academy" and they "police academy staff" make the recruits think the public is the enemy during trainng.

Police institutions need to be changed, the training needs to be less yelling, rudeness and insensitive and more open and professtional caring ( like the old days ) The brutal tactics are currently trained into the police force of the day... seems wrong to me, what about you?

13/9/11 2:16 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Sorry anon, the cat's out of the bag and can't be put back in. In other words we're never going back to when police were there to serve and protect citizens and community. Police are now only preserving and protecting the unjust system of disparity and abuse of an illegal oligarchy.

13/9/11 8:27 PM  

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