Friday, September 16, 2011

Maybe Because Too Many People Have Caught on To The Official Lies

Flight 93 Memorial Donations Fall Short

"Calvin Wilson goes from one corporate boardroom to another, pleading for donations to finish a memorial to his brother-in-law, LeRoy W. Homer Jr., and 39 others who died on Sept. 11, 2001, when their hijacked flight crashed into a Pennsylvania field. Tears often roll down Wilson’s cheeks as he makes the pitch.

Even after years of fundraising efforts by Wilson and family members of others who died on United Airlines Flight 93, co-piloted by Homer, donations have fallen $10 million short of organizers’ $62 million goal, leaving the memorial incomplete.

Businesses cite various reasons for not contributing -- the weak economy, their focus on disasters in which victims need urgent help, or corporate guidelines that allow donations only for certain causes, he said. Sometimes, he tries to extract funds from executives who don’t know the story of Flight 93.

“I’m always somewhat surprised someone didn’t give anything,” said Wilson, 55, whose full-time job is managing projects for a construction company in Arlington, Virginia. “You learn to live with it and move on.”

"WTAE-TV's Michelle Wright toured the crash scene and said that a crater of about 30 to 40 feet long, 15 to 20 feet wide and 18 feet deep was created by the crash."

Does this hole in the ground look like the crash site of a Boeing 757 passenger jet?

bad fit

Also it was widely reported that whatever broke up so much in midair left a real debris field that stretched for eight miles. Volunteers were collecting body parts in plastic bags. The official yarn, that the passengers rushed some hijackers with that "let's roll" crap, was pulled out of some propagandist's ass and no 757 crashed in that small hole, which seemed to have been made with some ordnance. No wonder they can't find enough saps to get enough money to memorialize this hoax.


Anonymous greencrow said...

Hi Nolo:

Here's another airplane crash that finally has hit the "truth wall"

I doubted the Swissair official story from the the truther's always say...find out who was on the plane...and who had a motive to kill them.

For a start, stealing billions in diamonds might be a motive.

The 'usual suspects', eh?


16/9/11 8:14 PM  
Anonymous greencrow said...

Addendum to my earlier post:

Move along, nothing to see here.


16/9/11 8:18 PM  

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