Thursday, September 01, 2011

Courageous Illinois Man Faces 75 Years In Prison For Recording Cops

Concerned citizens wanting oversight over tax feeders vs thug attitude of impunity.
Surprisingly good local journalism.

"On Friday, August 26, 2011, the First Circuit Court of Appeals, which is New England's highest federal court just below the U.S. Supreme Court, ruled that citizens are allowed to videotape law officials while they conduct official duties.

The city's attorneys made the argument that police officers should have been exempt from a civil rights lawsuit in the first place in this case because the law is unclear as to whether there's a "constitutionally protected right to videotape police" conducting their daily duties in public.

"The filming of government officials engaged in their duties in a public place, including police officers performing their responsibilities, fits comfortably within these principles [of protected First Amendment activity].," said the Court. "Gathering information about government officials in a form that can readily be disseminated to others serves a cardinal First Amendment interest in protecting and promoting the free discussion of governmental affairs."

The Court added that the police officers should have understood this all along, and that videotaping public officials is not limited to the press."


Blogger Alfred Lehmberg said...

Whatever the color of a policeman's uniform it is clear that it becomes ever more BROWN! A couple of them wearing those uniforms, more and more porcine, even _looked_ like pigs. Seems we had their number as far back as 1967, eh?

2/9/11 4:42 AM  

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