Friday, September 23, 2011

Church Playground

My parents sent me to a Catholic school for four years during my elementary days. It was Saint Martin Of Tours in New York.
The place had a paved over yard for kids to play in at recess. Most of us wound up bloody and bruised after lunch because playing on concrete was supposed to build christian character.

This is hard to say but I'm going to anyway, because it's necessary to understand the mindset of these fucking insane shitbags.
When I was in second grade at that school we were marched to the bathroom twice a day, and if you were a good enough toady you were given a position of monitor who wrote down names of anyone who talked at all during the piss break.
One day in second grade I really had to take a pee and repeatedly raised my hand to go to the bathroom. The cunt lay teacher told me to wait until the class was all allowed to go at the same time.
It was unbearable.
I couldn't hold it in and finally let loose. At seven years old I pissed in my pants and it pooled up under my desk in that classroom.
One of the other kids finally saw the puddle and told the teacher.
I was thrown out of the school that day and the door shut hard.
It must be understood that a bus picked me up every day in the neighborhood,drove about five miles away to the school and then back again near home , so at seven I had no idea how to get back to my house.
I walked a ways into Bethpage town with soaked pants and talked to a police woman who called my mother.
I remember all this with clarity because it was such a humiliating experience. Can you imagine how it was to return to class?
Fuck religion.


Blogger Jeffrey K Radt ("JRed") said...

How horrible. I'm truly sorry about the experience you had. I can assure you there's nothing 'Christian' about a place, people, or church like that.

Some people who engage with me in a discussion about Christianity will sit there and they'll say, "Well, you know, I had a bad experience with religion. I had a very bad experience..." And I always say, "Well, you know, it's no wonder because religion is the devil's curse." For the record, I'm not religious. I hate religion. Religion is a curse.

‎"Religion is a security blanket for people who want to suck their thumb and tickle their nose, that's what it is. Religion is meaningless. Religion is going through all the baloney that gets you nowhere. It's exactly what Jesus said to Nicodemus. To the modern day Nicodemus out there who's reading this: All the religion in the world never got anybody close to God. What it does is give them a horrible false sense of security in their isolation from God." John MacArthur

Anyway, religion is a curse. Personally, I believe the devil spends most of his time operating through religion. And so, Jesus says to him, "Nicodemus, forget it all. You've got to start from the bottom and be born again. Listen, you're in the wrong family to get into the Kingdom." Repent of your sins. Be born again.

Religon is man's attempt to reach GOD. Jesus was GOD's attempt to reach man.

As a Christian myself, I'm sorry you had to experience that, my friend.

Jeffrey Radt

23/9/11 6:08 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

How extremely nice of you to take the time to type such kind words, JRed.
Yes that experience was humiliating and unpleasant. I'm no believer but if there was ever something positive about what happened back then it was my gift to kids in the future, because I'm sure the school/church had some serious discussion about bathroom policy. I had to endure two more years in that hellhole before my parents put me in public school.

"What it does is give them a horrible false sense of security in their isolation from God."
Oh man, is that ever a wonderful quote.
Thank you for that.

23/9/11 7:38 PM  

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