Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Cops Will Eventually Be Shot On Sight

And I don't want this to happen, but if you butter your bread you eventually have to eat it.

Troy Davis Executed: Controversially Convicted Inmate Maintains Innocence Until The End

"JACKSON, Ga. -- Troy Davis, convicted of murdering an off-duty Savannah police officer more than 20 years ago, held fast to his claims of innocence even as he was finally executed by lethal injection on Wednesday night.

Strapped to a gurney and minutes from death, Davis stated that he had not carried a gun the night of the murder and did not shoot the officer, Mark MacPhail, in a fast food restaurant parking lot on an August night in 1989.

Speaking directly to MacPhail's brother and son, who witnessed the execution, Davis beseeched them to continue to examine the events that night. "All I can ask is that you look deep into this case so you can really find the truth," he said.

Davis then addressed prison officials preparing to inject him with a lethal mix of chemicals. "May God have mercy on your souls," he said.

The first injection began at 10:54 p.m. and Davis was declared dead at 11:08 p.m. Afterward, Davis' attorneys and legal advocates quickly decried the execution as a terrible miscarriage of justice.

"I had the unfortunate opportunity tonight to witness a tragedy, to witness Georgia execute an innocent man," Jason Ewart, one of Davis' attorneys, said outside the prison. "The innocent have no enemy but time, and Troy's time slipped away tonight."

You see, I will not be taken into "custody" for any reason now, I will not be handcuffed whatsoever for any pretense. I'm a good man who cares for all fellow humans' wishes in this life and who respects all life forms around me. I will not be treated like chattel and will resist quite violently if idiots try to impose their currently disreputable and dysfunctional will on me or anybody around me. Yeah, after wasting a number of brain damaged, steroid laden jackboots I'll be swiss cheese, however there are hundreds of thousands more like me who'll destroy the toadying few who try to impose the sick garbage that passes as society.
"Justice" is totally corrupted now, cops are sickening freaks, and I carry heavy firepower wherever I go, not for self defense against robbers or bugaboo media ghosts. I carry big time to take out as many idiots as I can who choose to impose their will for empire's purposes. Type 2 vests are useless.
This isn't braggadocio, this is reality.


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