Monday, July 18, 2011

Violating Human Dignity Has Consequences

Desperate airlines resort to sign twirlers as fed-up Americans reject TSA tyranny

"Airlines have resorted to using sign twirlers on the streetcorners in Southern California, as an increasingly aware American public rejects the degrading and criminal treatment they receive by Homeland Security at airports across the country. Most recently, the TSA defended their agents treatment of a 95 year old woman, forcing the dying cancer victim to remove her adult diaper under the guise of 'national security'.

Earlier this month, the Rutherford Insititute announced that a legal challenge to the TSA groping had been inexplicably dismissed. [See Citing Secret Order, Federal Court Dismisses Airline Passenger Lawsuit Against DHS & TSA Over Scanners, Virtual Strip Searches & Full-Body "Rub-Downs"].

Airline traffic is down throughout the country as consumers opt to retain their dignity, rejecting the corporate cabal who willingly cooperates with the fascist style radiation and gropedowns of innocent Americans of all ages."

I hope the airlines suffer immensely as people stay away from airports in droves.
I know I'll never fly again as long as the gate gropers are there.


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