Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Next Step In Our Mad Rush To Fascist Servitude

Debt Ceiling Debate Charade Masks Planned Entitlement Cuts

"Short of finalizing details and assuring enough bipartisan support, it's a done deal to slash Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other social spending while leaving outsized military budgets and generous handouts to corporate favorites in place.

At the same time, the timeline to accomplish it is undetermined. Political posturing may extend the August 2 deadline until fall or beyond.

It's how corrupted Washington always works, notably since the 1980s under both parties. Obama was elected to assure continuity and accomplish by rhetorical duplicity what Republicans on their own can't do.

Notably after capitulating last December on tax cuts for America's super-rich, he proposed deep budget cuts, affecting disease prevention, children's and community healthcare, education, supplemental grants to poor women and children, community block grants for housing, energy efficiency and renewable energy, and other benefits for people most in need.

He's a charlatan, not a leader who cares. Earlier, he proposed hundreds of billions in Medicare cuts. It was step one ahead of incrementally ending entitlements and other social benefits altogether, including publicly funded pensions, returning America to dark age harshness."

The race to install plutocracy's wet dream is going into overdrive. All social contracts are null and void while empire breaks heads around the world, taking your wealth to position itself to enslave the planet. If anyone thinks the overlords are afraid of voter backlash as they blithely discuss ruining the lives of tens of millions of people who worked hard all their lives, having chunks of their paychecks stolen in exchange for a promised secure old age, YOU'RE FUCKING INSANE. All important elections are criminally corrupt and voting means absolutely nothing. Which is why the psychopaths feel free to publicly discuss slashing social benefits while voting to expand their murderous world war.


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