Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Terry Gilliam's Prophetic Vision From 25 Years Ago Is Now A Documentary

This has always been one of my absolute favorites.
I've been busy downloading movies as fast as I can. Any preparation advice for bad times always adds admonition to include a deck of cards , books or board games to provide entertainment; my strategy is to have hundreds of movies to watch. Adventure, classics, sci-fi, musicals, documentaries, I'll probably wind up storing fifteen hundred to two thousand films to have on tap for the Mrs and me to enjoy. I've got all our favorites saved and right now I'm working on film noire and obscure westerns.
It's simple enough to do but if anyone is interested she better hurry, because the government is shutting down sites at a rapid rate that threaten so called proprietary material, and movie sites are self censoring to avoid legal problems.
If anybody's interested, first download the DivX software and install it.
Then go to any site where you can download AVI movies, like Stagevu (where by the way you don't have to register) and find the flicks you want. Letmewatchthis is a good site to locate films at a lot of places online. Most movies are from 500 to 800 megs.
Imagine your computer plugged into an affordable but powerful speaker system and watching a movie like Avatar. I do it all the time, for free.


Anonymous watch movies said...

the sites you have provides doesn`t work anymore.

5/1/14 7:27 AM  

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