Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Empire's Worldwide System Of Torture And Detention Facilities

CIA using secret Somalia facility

"WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US Central Intelligence Agency is using a secret facility in Somalia for counterterrorism purposes as well as a secret prison in the Somali capital, the magazine The Nation reported Tuesday.

The report said the CIA has "a sprawling walled compound" on the coast of the Indian Ocean which looks like a small gated community, with more than a dozen buildings behind large protective walls.

According to the magazine, the site has its own airport and is guarded by Somali soldiers, but the Americans control access."

US confirms secret jails in Afghanistan

"The United States has finally confirmed the presence of secret prisons in Afghanistan, where detainees are interrogated for weeks without being charged."

Prison Ships, Ghost Prisoners, and Obama’s Interrogation Program

"It was back in June 2008 that the British legal charity Reprieve issued a report alleging “the United States may have used as many as 17 ships as floating prisons.” Moreover, the group claimed “about 26,000 people are being held by the U.S. in secret prisons — a figure that includes land-based detention centers.” The Defense Department, of course, denied anything untoward."

Former CIA Agent Reveals Secret Prison Torture Details



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