Monday, July 04, 2011

Government Wants You To Celebrate Only What They Want You To Celebrate

Which is celebration of government, completely contrary to the history of July 4.
Today has become a nervous embarrassment for statists in that the original intent of this holiday is the joy in obtaining independence from oppressive government. Squaring that with our bus plunge into fascism is a hard task (see last post), so the intent for the last few decades has been to water down and cheapen July 4. It's been turned into just another day off from work, a day to party and watch fireworks and indulge without really understanding why. At best we're told it's the nation's "birthday".

And don't use your own fireworks because that's mostly forbidden now. The government's ruse is that you might hurt yourself. That's total bullshit. You're only allowed to be a passive observer of government's celebration of itself, and they don't want the people to be familiar with the handling and use of explosives, if you catch my drift.


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