Monday, July 04, 2011

What Is BBQ, Beer And Fireworks, Alex

Question - The meaning of the Fourth of July for 200

26 Percent Of Americans Don’t Know U.S. Declared Independence From Great Britain |

"According to a new poll by Marist, more than a quarter of Americans couldn’t correctly identify the country from which the United States declared its independence. While 74 percent correctly named Great Britain, 20 percent said they weren’t sure and six percent named other countries. In the South, 32 percent of respondents either responded incorrectly or weren’t sure. The poll comes on the heels of test scores that showed few American students gaining proficiency in U.S. history, a problem presidential candidate Rick Santorum blamed on the “conscious effort” by “the left” to keep Americans uninformed."

Oh yes, that deliberate dumbing down agenda by the socialist, leftist 'news' rabble.

By the way, Santorum is still google bombed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, 26 % dont know... cause they are NOT AMERICANS!!!! I guess the poll was asked of all the Non americans. Duh....?

5/7/11 12:00 PM  

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