Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Manipulators Send Thugs To Smear Yearly Celebration

MSM obligingly does it's job.
Here's the picture the Guardian chose to run:

Summer Solstice Celebrations Turn Violent At Stonehenge

"The summer solstice is meant to be a night and dawn of peace, love and amazement. But not all of those attending the celebrations at Stonehenge entered into the spirit of the event.

Druids, pagans and revellers watched as two men, one shirtless, staged a fist fight at the ancient monument in Wiltshire.

While the majority of the 18,000 people who attended the solstice celebrations were well-behaved, 20 arrests and almost 50 drug seizures were made.

Photographer David Hedges, who witnessed the fight, said: "They were sparring for a few minutes before they really started throwing punches."

Spectators surrounded the pair and a couple tried to break it up before the police arrived.

The 20 arrests included 11 for drugs offences and five for public order offences. Superintendent Gavin Williams of Wiltshire police said most of the attendees "came to see the sunrise in the spirit of the event. Although it was disappointing that some individuals chose to bring drugs with them, they were dealt with robustly."

Drugs and hippies and violence, get it?
I wonder how many of those arrests were for a couple of joints.


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