Thursday, June 09, 2011

Kuwaiti "Incubator Babies" Act 3

Here's the truth about the lie that helped convince gullible dunces in the US to support the first Gulf Slaughter in 1991.

It looks like the propagandists are using women again, a la the Libyan "rape victim" and now this fake Syrian blogger to elicit sympathy and support among the unwary for empire to smash it;s targeted countries.
Here's a good review of the Libyan rape victim production:

"I guess Gadhafi hasn’t killed enough citizens to justify a full-scale invasion and regime change at this point (he should take a few lessons from Obama who killed more just yesterday in another missile strike), so out comes the Burson-Marstellar Street Theater cast to play-act a scene right in front of Western Media cameras.

Oh, this play’s got everything: evil “government officials”, a beaten and raped woman just trying to tell her story, violence, mayhem, and CNN reporters who can take the stage as the next Jessica Lynch.

Here’s the plot line that the PR spin-doctors came up with. You can watch the street theater performance here. See if you can follow all the complicated twists and turns (and keep in mind that this will also deflect attention from the fact that the Obama administration is trying to find legal loop-holes in the UN resolution which will allow them to send arms and munitions to a guy in Libya who has admitted publicly that he recruited suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan.)

A woman, we’ll call her “victim/hero”, rushes into a hotel stuffed with Western media after being abducted, gang raped, and shit on by 15 crazed brutal men. One would think she would go to a hospital first, but she is after all, a “hero” and they do think differently than the rest of us. One would think that she would be covered in dried feces, blood, and urine but it looks like she did have time to stop by somewhere and freshen up her make-up for the cameras. Again, it’s a “hero” thing.

Suddenly the reporters all congregate around her in what appears to be a conference room or lobby.

She has JUST ENOUGH TIME to tell her story, that she was detained at a check-point by Gadhafi forces and then gang raped and shit on by 15 of them while they were drunk of course, then she gets free, somehow, and instead of going to the hospital, she decided to go to a hotel and tell the press that she was just brutally gang raped by 15 crazed soldiers, and all she has by way of wounds are 2 bruises and an old scar from god knows how long ago.

Suddenly, before any of the reporters can ask her details about her harrowing ordeal, “plain clothed” “officials” of the Gadhafi regime bust into the scene and remove our “victim hero” so that she can’t tell any more of her story …after she finishes … telling her story.

A CNN reporter, we will call him “reporter hero” struggles unconvincingly with the “plain clothed” “official” of the Gadhafi regime.

The group of rather rough-looking “officials” lead “victim hero” to the waiting white car, can barely keep up with her at times along the way, with “reporter hero” asking questions along the way trying his best to look concerned.

Directing notes:

1. When trying to stage events like this, make sure that your “victim hero” doesn’t look quite so eager to jump into the car with the perpetrators at the end of the production, as that tends to give away the staged and rehearsed quality of the performance.

If the “victim” had actually been gang raped by 15 “officials” of the Gadhafi regime, the LAST FUCKING THING SHE WOULD DO is jump quickly into the vehicle they own so they can gang-bang her again. She had an almost convincing act of sheer terror when the “official” showed up and kept her from having to answer questions about her ordeal, but then all of that falls to the wayside when she can barely get in the car fast enough so they can zoom away, presumably to the post-production party.

2. When your “victim/hero” is supposedly being “dragged” from the safety of the hotel, it might be good if she wasn’t LEADING THE FUCKING WAY without any hands on her at all and stopping for a last second photo-op.

3. The script – first of all, when a woman is brutally gang raped by 15 drunken vicious men who shit and pissed on her, and she just barely “manages to escape” wearing nothing more than “a robe and slippers”, most rational people would figure that her first instinct ISN’T RUNNING TO A HOTEL BREAKFAST BAR TO GET TO A BUNCH OF FUCKING NEW YORK TIMES AND REUTERS REPORTERS.

It's truly pathetic that there are so many dull mouthbreathers in this country that the manipulators believe they can get away with this bullshit, over and over again.

Update: "gay girl blogger" in Syria may not actually exist

"Nerve recently reported, as did most of the internet, on the alleged detaining of "gay girl blogger" Amina Arraf in Syria. Many expressed concern for the brave, queer, multinational girl who wrote passionately and eloquently about government repression and life as a lesbian in one of the least gay-friendly nations in the world. But new facts have come to light that suggest Arraf might not be who she says she is, and more to the point, might not actually exist.

First of all, virtually every photo said to be of Arraf (including the one you see above), has been proven to be of a London woman named Jelena Lecic, who Arraf has been using as her double for a while now. She has pictures of Lecic on her own Facebook page and apparently sent that photo to the Guardian when she was up for an interview with them, which she later turned down.

Which leads us to the second point — the fact that literally no one has ever clapped eyes on this girl, or even spoken to her in person, including her Canadian girlfriend, with whom Arraf had an email-based relationship.

In fact, every time Arraf has been up for a meeting, something has gone wrong — once she called a meeting off because she claimed to have been tailed, and another Skype meeting was canceled because of the government's alleged block on the program.

Finally, Arraf has admitted to mixing fact and fiction on a different blog, writing: "This blog will have what may sometimes seem likely [sic] deeply personal accounts. And sometimes they will be. But there will also be fiction. And I will not tell you which is which."

Though admittedly still in the making, this story has a brilliantly skewed sort of arc to it: someone invents a too-good-to-be-true blogger from a repressed nation (a lesbian! an outspoken lesbian!) and then conveniently disappears her. Of course, that's the jaded view — these are all steps that a persecuted minority and outspoken dissident could rationally take to protect her identity, and since Arraf may well be an actual woman in Syrian custody, we shouldn't jump to conclusions. But I would rather have this turn out to be an elaborate construction than have a real woman in the custody of some very bad people."
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