Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Even Worse Idea Now

Remember about a week ago the controversial Cedar Falls decision to put lock boxes on businesses and reidential complexes, so police and firefighters could have immediate access if needed?

Iowa City's Ordinance Making Apartment Keys Available to Emergency Crews Faces Backlash

"An Iowa city has passed an ordinance requiring hundreds of commercial buildings and apartment complexes to literally leave the keys outside in case of an emergency, allowing quicker access to first responders but potentially to those up to no good, as well.

The Cedar Falls City Council voted 6-1 on Monday to expand an existing 2004 ordinance that required lock boxes containing keys at buildings with six or more units and commercial buildings with sprinkler system or unsupervised alarms. The new ordinance, which can become law with a signature by Mayor Jon Crews, expands the requirement to apartment buildings with just three or more units."

Today it's even more stupid sounding:

Campus police officers caught using security keys to steal food from cafe

"WORCESTER — Worcester State University police officers working the overnight shift routinely used their security keys to get into a locked campus café and help themselves to food and drinks without paying, according to university records and officials.

The practice came to a halt last fall after a police dispatcher watching security camera monitors later reported seeing two patrolmen and a sergeant, the ranking police official on duty that September night, taking sandwiches, chips and drinks from the locked café around midnight.

Recorded on security camera footage later reviewed by Chief Rosemary F. Naughton, Vice President of Student Affairs Sibyl Brownlee and other university officials, the three officers initially were suspended without pay for a week and given written reprimands."


Blogger Kenneth Lee said...

Do you know which cameras are been used when they caught?

Kenneth Lee
Covert Cameras

23/6/11 3:15 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Sorry Kenneth, I don't know that.

23/6/11 1:42 PM  

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