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Cop Who Murdered Man On Train Platform Does Less Than A Year

Ex-BART officer Johannes Mehserle released after 11 months in prison

"A white former San Francisco Bay area transit officer convicted of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man on an Oakland train station platform was released from jail early Monday after serving 11 months of a two-year sentence, officials said.

Johannes Mehserle was set free from a Los Angeles County jail, where he served his time after his attention-getting trial was moved to Southern California, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

Whitmore told The Associated Press that Mehserle was released from custody at Twin Towers facility as of 12:01 a.m.

A judge ruled Friday that Mehserle should be given credit for time served and good conduct.

Mehserle, 29, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter last year in the shooting death of Oscar Grant on New Year's Day 2009. The incident was recorded by bystanders, and video posted online showed the Bay Area Rapid Transit officer firing a bullet into the back of Grant, 22, as he lay face down after being pulled off a train, suspected of fighting."

This whole business stinks from the moment they leaned on that poor kid for no reason on the train platform. News report and video here.
For starters the thug's excuse that he grabbed his pistol by mistake instead of the stun gun is laughable in the extreme. Most probably the cop was going to use his gun as a compliance enforcer and got a little happy with his trigger finger but we'll never know, and in any case they shouldn't have rousted the first group of young blacks they saw, as how the thug mind usually works. Picture a bomb going off in Iraq and soldiers and mercenaries killing every Iraqi they see in the area.
For the court to accept his lame excuse is one thing but to allow the guy to walk after only a few months in jail is criminal. Try being judge, jury and street executioner on a cop's ass and see how fast you walk. And the only reason the fucker got a day in court was because of the various videos that recorded the murder, which is why it's now open season on any person with a camera near police. They can record anything and everything about you, take your prints, and now even barge into your home without a warrant or even a reason, but don't you dare make a record of thug criminality because they might be inconvenienced that people see cold blooded murder.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok lets take it easy here... when using the word MURDER in your title. This terrible story is of an ACCIDENTAL shooting that resulted in a death. The cop did not intend to take the life of this victim. It was the media that blew this up from the begining. The mere fact that any "color" of the persons involved that was mentioned indicates that it was a news race spin that did not need to be spun. I have several stories recorded of accidental officer involved shootings, that did not make it as big news as this one... Why?
Well my friends, it did not involve the black and white politics of california. I have recorded 120 U.S. accidental cop shootings this year and all are of different dynamics. So this cop did not murder, but cop did use lethal force and shot an unarmed person, who died due to the shooting. Doing time in jail or prison should be of the caliber of committing a crime for which there was an INTENT to commit said crime.

Police officers dont go to work planing or intending on killing a person, just as doctors dont go to work planning on killing people either, however in both careers accidental deaths do occur by the errors in jugdements, but do these errors constititute an intent to murder? NO....! so as a citizen activist and a cop, lets try and title the story as something more less intentional. After the lesson learned, we push for better training within our police departments, the need to be an aggressive cop now... is as useful as a bicycle for a fish. Cops get yelled at and trained to be aggressive and high stressed from the start, this needs to be changed. Panic is not what we want in a community hero.

So dont beat up the story here with "Murder" and "cop gets away with it" type attitude. He (cop) has clearly suffered as well as the family of the victim. This was not race driven or intent to kill,
Does black man who kills white cop get racial billed? No...! I have one story that has a black male drunk driver who ran over white cop in road, MURDER? No....! Felony drunk driver charges and Manslaughter charges... error in judgement? When he was drinking did he plan on driving through an traffic accident scene and kill a white cop?? No...! 5 to 10 years, driver out currently on probation, served 6 years.

The current issue does clearly show the police corruption and the cover up issues that resulted, i for the record do NOT agree with said cover ups or corruptions of any police administration. I am pro bust and expose the bad cops and throw them to the wolves, within reason. Someone who accidentaly injures or kills another is not subject to murder charges or time served for such a crime. Why would anyone want that?

The spin in the news is always the catch. In this case it is used to deliver the information sadly in-correctly. Kobiashi

13/6/11 1:51 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

I never said or implied anything about race with this death, anon, but thank you for your obvious cut and paste response.
I do stand by two suppositions however. One is that it's the prevalent cop attitude of finding fault and making situations worse. I know it's there, you know it's there, and busting heads on a group of innocent guys who happened to be where they got called to was the whole reason a guy wound up dead.
And play with semantics all you want - the thug murdered a young man. He's dead, intended or not. The cop did exhibit malintent by reaching for a weapon whether it was his gun or a portable elecrocution device. His slap on the wrist shows blatant discrepancy of a two tiered justice system. Like I mentioned, make this a case of of a cop dead at the hands of an ordinary peasant and guess at what the punishment would be.
By the way, my son is a cop.

13/6/11 2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nolo, my opinon is meant to infuse and all my thoughts are truly that, not cut and paster. I did not mean YOU implied the race, i was only indicating the nature of media to add to much color, to an issue for the sales value, as this one as done. Now there are street protests, but where is the TSA protests? I do agree and share your thoughts on the two suppositions, hastly though the incident did occur, as your son is a cop, you will note we (Cops) draw our weapon as protection, and this is jammed into cops heads during training and throughout our police careers. I train my officers to "pull it to use it" only and deescalate the situation always. I see that your opinion on this matter is strong, why is the shooter a thug? Semantics or not, i share your thoughts. However if you were to see a justification with this matter what would you have done within california state law? I wrote my original comment for your readers, i try not to comment on the blog master, as i lov ur site and enjoy the information you provide. A slap on the wrist i dont beleive in, and this case it does not seem to be a little punishment, he severed time and was convicted....this guy has lost credibility,job,future, mind and whatever else a man has to carry with him after an incident of this magnitude for the rest of his life. Let me ask you... is your comment the same with the cop who gets called to a gun call/prowler and shoots a kid in the dark, seeing a gun, but its a toy gun?

You have shown brilliance in your topics and have brought a level to which i enjoy to be informed by you. Please continue to do so.


13/6/11 5:54 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Well Kobiashi, no harm in disagreeing about a few things. I hope all involved learned from Mehserle's actions and that it never happens again but that's a forlorn hope as society disintegrates. I do appreciate your well thought out and cogent comments.

14/6/11 2:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nolo, i agree... these days and the days to come are going to be interesting, in the real sence. I dont see how much more pressure the states, fed and the people can take. I can tell you from a local police level "we" are not equipt for the end of days, i am angry at the lack of planning the clown gov puppets have and as you has shown, they are in it for themselves. Party on....! Kobiashi

14/6/11 7:40 AM  
Anonymous EH said...

The cop was intentionally using excessive force on a man who was handcuffed face down, not resisting, with multiple officers restraining the suspect. Thus the officer was committing multiple felonies at the time - aggravated battery, assault with a a deadly weapon, and perhaps others. When any homicide occurs for any reason during the omission of a felony, no matter who causes the death, all those involved even peripherally or as conspirators after the fact in the commission of the original felony are guilty of felony murder.

Unless they're cops, of course.

18/6/11 11:28 AM  
Anonymous police careers said...

We are all entitled in expressing our opinions towards cops. We cannot generalise that all cops are murderers. There are cops like that on the loose. They prey on the innocent and that gives them there power trip. However, there are still that are respectable and stood still with their principles and clean conscience. Long live to those kinds!

26/7/11 6:30 AM  

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