Sunday, June 12, 2011

Repugs Say The Darndest Things

Iraqi lawmakers blast American congressman’s suggestion Iraq repay US for war costs

" BAGHDAD — Iraqi lawmakers are blasting an American congressman’s suggestion that Iraq reimburse the United States for the money it has spent in the country in the eight years since the invasion to topple Saddam Hussein.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s comments Friday have set off a heated debate in Iraq. The Republican congressman from California suggested during a trip to Baghdad that once Iraq becomes a rich and prosperous country it should repay the U.S.

The head of the Iraqi parliament’s foreign affairs committee, Humam Hmoudi, called his comments “stupid” and said it is the Iraqi people who should be demanding compensation.

Another lawmaker from one of the main political blocs, Etab al-Douri, called the repayment idea a “humiliation.”

Congressman and delegation get booted out of the country

The chutzpah from this Israel-firster is a wonder to behold. An illegal invasion and war against a country based on lies after a dozen years of the harshest sanctions in the history of the world. A once prosperous middle east country destroyed and filthy with depleted uranium with a million dead and millions more as refugees. In strolls Dana Rohrabacher who has the gall to have the Iraqi people pay the US for murdering their lives and future. It's truly amazing, but then this warmongering Israeli whore doesn't know when to shut up:


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