Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Stupid Propaganda Ain't Gettin' No Traction

Could possibly be a test case on whether or not to finally shut the internet down on the proles.

I don’t believe a word this government utters…especially in regards to Bin Laden and 9/11

"I am sorry. But, after the past decade of lies, distortions, obfuscations, and out and out deception surrounding 9/11 and every other damn issue under the sun, I don’t believe anything they say about anything anymore. (And, I know this shite ain’t new, but as the brazeness elevates due to our unquestioning acceptance of information that is tenuous at best, and out and out provable lies at worst, it gets more surreal by the day).

So, when I heard there was a unexpected press conference about national security and knowing that they never tell any truth about REAL issues that threaten our national security, my gut reaction?…

‘Don’t tell me, they got Bin Laden. What a way to kick off Obama in 2012 corporate campaign’!

I choked on my grapes when the NYT pre-released the story.

And, I don’t buy their official story. Let me get this straight. The most wanted enemy of the United States was killed in a firefight and the body was unceremoniously dumped into the sea before any independent source could verify its authenticity. All of the sudden, the US which wages war and routinely tortures brown people to justify their criminal operations against humanity overseas is vested in following proper burial protocol for the most wanted man in the world. They were content with a photo id.


Circus Clowns And Sideshow Freaks

"In my worst nightmares, when the lights are swallowed by the smog of some nefarious gloom and the air itself becomes a stale sarcophagus into which I am entombed, and the grim hands of putrefied fate sink their wretched grip into the thick of my neck and all seems irrevocably lost, I merely recall that soon I will awaken to the horror of a terminal America infested by career criminals and certifiable morons, and suddenly, my off color dreams don’t seem so bad. Ultimately, there is nothing worse to me than a public majority that takes everything they hear from the mouths of political warlocks at face value. Even the fear of death is truly a pittance compared to the threat of being enveloped by a stampeding herd of frightened, stupid, human cattle."


Anonymous greencrow said...

Nolo, I've thought the thing through and this is what I've come up with. You know how they have earthquake drills, NATO drills, FEEMA drills, etc.? Well, what's going on with the OBL death hoax is it's a LIAR's drill. The mainstream media has to know who they can trust to bring folks the BIG lie when the time comes...they need to weed out the weak links, the Dan Rathers, and others who might inadvertently "slip in some truth". This is nothing less than a drill.

Anyone in the newsroom who doesn't stay on the lying message gets canned.


3/5/11 6:38 PM  
Anonymous greencrow said...

And, according to this blog...


it could also have been a toofer...they do the LIAR's Drill thing AND they get rid of some annoying people who tried to blackmail the greedy goats.

These guys HATE to pay reparations to relatives.


3/5/11 6:56 PM  

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