Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Osama Deception

You have to wonder why the overlords decided to end their Emmanuel Goldstein play acting after all these years and pretend to find and kill Osama Bin Laden. After all, an omnipotent, ghostly enemy served so well as justification to wage endless war for immense profit abroad and to set up their police state apparatus domestically. Ending that mythic pretense is very curious. That this whole drama in Abbotabad is a complete hoax isn't even in question, what we have to ask is - why did they do it now, and how are they going to gain from it?

The first point for us to remember is that they always pull things for multiple reasons. I believe it's pretty ominous to be honest when you get past the obvious benefits for the fascist agenda. The announcement occurring exactly eight years to the day from when the codpiece in chief did his aircraft carrier shtick was Obama's own 'mission accomplished' moment, a good bet to revive his tanking popularity. And by the way, "coincidences" like that are a wink and a nod and a red flag to the world elites in the know, signifying This Is Important. Dupes who still believe the 9/11 fairy tale were waving flags all over the place. Great morale booster, that supposed high profile murder. Then again, busting in on Trump's Celebrity Apprentice with a presidential pronouncement was a plus too.

But dumping a valuable asset like the myth Bin Laden was alive and dangerous all these years means empire is about to get something far more valuable. One aspect of this hoax is that the devious, mastermind caveman was supposedly living a life of fearlessness and luxury in Pakistan, rather than furtively moving from one safe house to another. According to this new fairy tale, Bin Laden was practically a house guest. Overnight the fractious relationship between empire and Pakistan got a whole lot darker, obviously the intended consequences, because our overlords are desperate to get their war on with and take over that country with it's nuclear stockpile. Expect a lot of vitriol in the corrupt MSM directed at Pakistan for their treachery in protecting our arch nemesis and bet the farm on a shitload of provocative drone strikes soon to come. All together now, pump your fists and chant USA USA!

The worst thing possibly to come from this fake assassination and propaganda ploy? It gives the fascists a perfect opportunity to pull false flag retribution events, supposedly from a vengeful Al Qaeda. Mindless flag waving euphoria over illegal, supposed murder will only last a very short time; we will have to be given a dose of that dire AQ threat to fill the void left with the staged passage of the Bearded One. (Well whaddya know, MSM is johnny on the spot) This won't only solidify the reality of a made up CIA creation, it will continue the bogus war on terror gravy train, justify all the previous lies, and enable the fascists to nail the final coffin for a free society. Like I said, they loves them multiple bennies.

added - let's squeeze a little more juice from 9/11. Obama to visit Ground Zero
At least the Big Apple won't be nuked for a few more days.

"President Obama will visit Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan in the near future -- possibly as early as this Thursday -- to mark the killing of Osama Bin Laden, and honor the nearly 3,000 people killed in the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, according to two people familiar with the situation."

And here come the "Pakistan is now our enemy" stories. Raid sparks question: Is Pakistan doing enough?

"(CNN) -- The revelation that al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden hid in "plain sight" at a house in a bastion of Pakistani military power has touched a nerve in the United States, which relies heavily on the Islamabad government in its grinding war against terrorism.

Many Obama administration officials, lawmakers and observers from across the political spectrum want to know how bin Laden -- based at a compound in the military garrison city of Abbottabad -- could have eluded Pakistani capture, or whether the government or elements of it harbored bin Laden."

Alleged Death of Pseudo-Bin Laden Sets Pakistan Up for US Attack



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