Sunday, May 01, 2011

NATO Lies After Murdering Gaddafi's Family

Annals of a Golden Age: Peace Laureate Surpasses Reagan in Killing Gadafy Kin

"O how wonderful it is to live in such an enlightened age! Just think: not long ago, the U.S. government was seen as little more than a vast war machine -- brutal, murderous, inhumane, bent on global domination. Yet now, by some marvelous, miraculous twist of fate, that same government is being led by a Nobel Peace Prize laureate! It's as if Lyndon Johnson had been turfed out of office back in the day and replaced by Martin Luther King Jr.!

So what the modern-day MLK up to today? In what way was the Laureate in the White House advancing the vision and practice of peace? Why, he was murdering children in a "targeted assassination," of course! He was escalating an increasingly savage "regime change" operation in blatant contradiction to the UN mandate supposedly governing the latest of his escalations and surges around the world.

Yes, on Saturday -- just days after the Peace Laureate's administration announced it was sending unmanned drone bombers into the Libyan civil war, the residence of Libyan leader Moamar Gadafy was torn apart by a precision missile attack. The attack on a residential area of Tripoli missed Gadafy, but killed his youngest son, Saif al-Arab, and three of the leader's grandchildren.

With this great act of peace, Obama surpassed one of his favorite presidents, Ronald Reagan, who only managed to kill a single infant adopted daughter of Gadafy back when he was bombing Libya. The Laureate now has four Gadafy family members -- and blood members, too! -- notched on his gun belt.

This is surely an achievement in which all progressive lovers of peace can take enormous pride."

"No, we're targeting Moammar, and we never, ever kill civilians, honest"

"The Nato missile struck the house of Saif al-Arab, 29, the youngest and least well-known of Gaddafi's seven sons, just after 8pm on Saturday during a family gathering at which the Libyan leader and his wife were present. The three grandchildren who were killed were under the age of 12, said Ibrahim."

McCain's 'heroes'
celebrate at the news of the murders

"LIBYA, May 1 ( Celebrations in Benghazi after reports of the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's youngest son in a NATO air strike.

Journalists were shown the wrecked home of Saif al-Arab within hours of reports that the Libyan leader's youngest son had been killed.

Libya's government said three of Muammar Gaddafi's grandchildren were also killed."


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A Third Voice has awoken in Libya, see, and mirror sites

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