Sunday, May 08, 2011

One Step Closer To A Shooting War With Pakistan

Pakistan: Radars were inactive, not jammed: air chief

"ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Air Force has assured the government that no foreign helicopters or fighter planes will be allowed to violate the Pakistani air space in future and if ordered, the PAF can shoot down the US drones.

Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman has accepted the responsibility of air surveillance failure but informed the government that the entry of American helicopters into the Pakistani air space was not detected because the radars deployed on the western borders were not active on May 2. He dispelled the impression that the Pakistani radars were jammed."

Pakistan has two kinds of radars, high-level radars and low-level radars. High-level radars are meant to protect the air space. Low-level radars are used for training flights. The maximum life of high-level radars is 25,000 hours. These radars need overhauling after three years and they cannot work after nine years. Due to the expensive nature of high-level radars, Pakistan Air Force does not use these machines 24 hours on western borders and that was the reason the American helicopters entered Pakistan without challenge."

Apparently, as intended, Pakistan has been pushed to the point of threatening to shoot american military air craft out of the sky over their country. Another side benefit of the Bin Laden hoax raid, meant to worsen the cross border incursion controversy with so called high profile murder.

The reason why that CIA thug, Raymond Davis, was such a big story 3 months ago wasn't the fact that he murdered two Pakistani men or that the cover story of him having diplomatic immunity was such an outright lie, it was because he was caught red handed working with the CIA's front group 'Al Qaeda' and the Taliban. The very organizations the US military claim to be targeting.

Pakistan has repeatedly demanded an end to drone attacks and the US has repeatedly ignored them, even making a point of ordering two drone raids the day after their demands. Even while the criticism is still heated over the supposed Bin Laden snuff another drone attack yesterday killed 15 Pakistanis. This is a pure, calculated buildup to open hostilities because it's meant to destabilize the Pak government, forcing them into a corner by treating them as subservient wogs, dissing them repeatedly until they shoot a few aircraft down, exactly what empire is looking for to expand their war on the world.



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