Sunday, April 17, 2011

"The U.S. Reserves The RIGHT To Use Cluster Bombs" Maj Gen Mark

Watch this CNN propaganda about Gaddafi and marvel at the hypocrisy.
Just like the rest of the demonetization, this cluster bomb business about Libya is probably bullshit, but the caveat is that when we do it it's perfectly OK.

flashback September 2006 - Israeli Commander: `“We dropped more than a million cluster bombs on Lebanon"

"Since the Israel-Lebanon ceasefire was declared on August 14th, about 20 Lebanese civilians, including children, were killed by unexploded cluster bombs left by the Israeli military after their 34-day invasion of Lebanon. During the war, over 1,000 Lebanese civilians were killed, many of them by cluster bombs. The number of casualties by cluster bombs increased significantly in the last part of the war, when a U.S. rush shipment of weaponry, including cluster bombs, was sent to Israel."


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