Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dripping Slime Say Social Darwinism Isn't Happening Fast Enough To Us

U.S. Ranks Dead Last In Overall Social Spending

"This report from the OECD and The Business Insider, could not have come at a more crucial time in our national debate regarding the federal budget and the course the Republicans have chosen to take.

The conservative pundits are trying to frame this debate along the lines that the deficit and debt of the United States was created by the liberal, nanny state programs. This is an outright lie they have drummed into the heads of the American people. Unfortunately, some of the pundits are trusted sources of information for millions of people.

The United States currently ranks thirty-fourth(34th) out of the thirty-four(34) members of the OECD in regards to spending on social programs, DEAD LAST.

The amount the United States spends is currently only 7.2% of our gross domestic product on programs that make up our social contract with the American people.

Remember a year ago when the conservative deficit hawks were warning that if the United States doesn’t start looking at our social programs we would end up like Greece?

They told us the reason Greece was in financial trouble was due to their social programs and if we, the United States didn’t want to become like Greece, we needed to cut back on our social expenditures. Well Greece spends 21.3% on social programs, 14.1% more than the United States does. That is a big difference!

Canada currently spends 26% of their GDP on social programs, yet their national debt is very small compared to the United States, it is about 50% of GDP. So is spending on social programs the real problem in America? According to these figures and data, the answer is no. It is a fabricated lie by those who seek to abolish the social contract and the new deal created almost 100 years ago."

Not one peep from repugs about ending the war insanity, bank bailouts or propping up Israel. But forcing Granny to cut back on her cat food is double plus good.


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