Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Should Have Done This A While Ago

My computers were getting filled up rapidly so I broke down and got an external hard drive from Amazon. This one is a Western Digital unit with a terabyte of storage, and it only cost $70 with free shipping.

I gotta say, it's the best thing I ever did with electronics in a while. It's simplicity and compactness is amazing. It looks a little messy here but it has two wires, one to the wall and one to a USB port. It's so simple there were no written instructions, just three pictures. I just plugged it in, it downloaded it's software and I started transferring immediately. It's 2.0, not 3.0, but to me it's blazingly fast, transferring a 700 meg movie in just a few seconds. No noise, doesn't get hot, I can download and upload just like the internal drive, and it turns off when the computer shuts down. If I need to go to another machine I just move it over, plug it in and go to work. My experiences with peripherals hasn't been all that pleasant so this little guy was basically a shock. I had no idea.


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