Saturday, April 09, 2011

More Stupidly Conflicting News Reports

I swear this is being done on purpose to keep people off balanced and confused. What better way to have control over our beliefs during, say, a radiation emergency than to have us so malleable they can say anything they want and get away with it?

Alcohol 'a major cause of cancer'

"PARIS — About one in 10 cancers in men and one in 33 in women in western European countries are caused by current and past alcohol consumption, according to a study released on Friday.
For some types of cancer, the rates are significantly higher, it said."

Drinking up to bottle of wine a day can cut heart disease risk

"Drinking up to a bottle of wine a day cuts the risk of developing heart disease in men by half, controversial new research has found.
The study has confirmed that low levels of alcohol protect against heart disease but it also found that high levels of consumption still reduced the risk of developing the condition."

5 health reasons to not quit coffee

Coffee is bad for your health

Red meat linked to esophageal, stomach cancer risks

The Diet That Works, Great Lessons from Caveman


Blogger BillK said...

Repeat after me

Radiation causes cancer
Radiation causes cancer
Radiation causes cancer

10/4/11 5:25 AM  
Blogger purrlgurrl said...

CBS news online ran two stories under the same banner on the same day about the ten best and worst states for retirement in economic terms. Connecticut was on both lists.

These types of pieces are just filler and nobody actually fact checks them. They just take them off the wire or press releases and run them.

10/4/11 11:35 AM  

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