Thursday, March 24, 2011

Was The Rush To Smash Libya More Death Cult Human Sacrifice?

Operation Odyssey Dawn Is Another Ritualistic Blood Sacrifice By The Global Elite

"The globalists have historically been responsible for pulling off major events on days of important numerical or astrological significance. The current military operation against Libya involving missile strikes and air bombardments from U.S. and European allied forces dubbed Operation Odyssey Dawn is no exception. This intervention was justified through a hastily crafted UN Resolution and kicked off on March 19th 2011 which was at the height of not only the Supermoon phenomenon but right before the Spring Equinox which occurred a day after on March 20th 2011. The timing of this operation ensured that large scale violence and death would take place during a time of great astrological significance just like the kick off of the Iraq war which began exactly 8 years ago on March 19th 2003. It is also worth noting that in Roman times, March 19th was the start of a festival dedicated to the goddess Minerva. (see here) This particular goddess has been associated with the owl and even today is depicted on the California state seal and on the Congressional Medal of Honor. It could easily be argued that these war related events that have been kicked off on March 19th have been a tribute to Minerva. But regardless, it is clear that when all the facts about this event are put together, it is easy to conclude that this military action against Libya is part of an occult blood sacrifice ritual just like many other war related events that have occurred throughout history. This is exactly why the globalists quickly rushed to put together a UN Resolution to justify this military intervention. This event like others before, needed to be conducted in a ritualistic manner, as it is the belief of those in the priest class that these types of rituals bring them an even greater amount of power.

There are other interesting facts to note about Operation Odyssey Dawn which provide even greater evidence that this is part of a ritualistic blood sacrifice. Throughout history, many events involving death and destruction have occurred close to the Northern 33rd degree parallel of latitude. The two major cities of Benghazi and Tripoli where a substantial amount of military action has taken place exist very close to this particular degree of latitude."

Also worth noting is the selection of the name Odyssey Dawn for this operation. Although it has been claimed by official sources that this name was selected at random, that is clearly not the case considering the obvious esoteric connection with this name. The term Odyssey originated from the Greek author Homer who wrote an epic poem with this very name. The story's main character revolves around the Greek hero Odysseus and starts ten years after the ten-year Trojan War. The poem eventually goes on to describe Odysseus' ten year journey to Ithaca following the war. It is worth noting that the U.S. has been actively involved in war throughout the Middle East from 2001 up until 2011 for a rough total of 10 years which is an interesting parallel to the story found in Homer's Odyssey."

The 33rd parallel circle of death around the earth is no idle speculation and it's widely understood to be the preferred place for human sacrifice. That it's global means the death cult is operating in all countries. I wrote about it four years ago:

"This isn't the first time the occult oriented fascists go about their business with swagger and panache. In fact they've made a career of doing things this way. Think back to the onset of the first Iraq slaughter in January of 1991 when Saddam's deadline just happened to be Martin Luther King's birthday.

In fact our Masonic/Illuminated/black government goes about things in an aggressively cultish way that's fraught with symbols and hidden meaning. Just one aspect of their modus operandi that's right out there hidden in plain sight - their use of the masonic high number 33.

It's the highest masonic degree and it's also that number and it's derivatives that figure into a lot of fascist activities . In the US every state along the 33rd parallel has the death penalty, and a lot of the states planted their execution chambers in prisons directly on that line - Florence AZ, Parchman MS, Jackson and Atlanta GA, Ridgeville SC.

John F Kennedy was killed in the 11th month on day 22 at the 33rd parallel. 9/11 is just so incredibly shot through with ~11~ references that it beggars belief. Armistice when WW1 ended was on the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month.
And in fact it goes worldwide. With the exception of Bermuda every country on the 33rd parallel has the death penalty. This line goes through all the violent hotspots in the news today - Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon, Kashmir. (now Libya)
For whatever reason, and one can read some very nasty reasons indeed into it, this is how our fascist overlords work. To the conspiracy minded the numbers appear to be proper for some sort of cultish blood sacrifice. One can argue that to those in the know, seeing the numbers run through the events is like seeing the signature of the cult at work, that it was they who made it happen. That it's done with those numbers involved isn't in dispute; we can only speculate as to why.

Back to (the person called) Saddam - he was hung in Baghdad, which happens to be on the 33rd parallel. In it's immediacy and timing and location, this lynching seems to have significant meaning in it's message."


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