Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Libyan Debacle Crumbles As Truth Becomes Apparent

Who's in charge? Germans pull forces out of NATO as Libyan coalition falls apart

# Tensions with Britain as Gates rebukes UK government over suggestion Gaddafi could be assassinated
# French propose a new political 'committee' to oversee operations
# Germany pulls equipment out of NATO coalition over disagreement over campaign's direction
# Italians accuse French of backing NATO in exchange for oil contracts
# No-fly zone called into question after first wave of strikes 'neutralises' Libyan military machine
# U.K. ministers say war could last '30 years'
# Italy to 'take back control' of bases used by allies unless NATO leadership put in charge of the mission
# Russians tell U.S. to stop bombing in order to protect civilians - calls bombing a 'crusade'

Is Libya being bombed by bloody U.S. Zio thugs because Gaddafi wants to introduce gold dinar?


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